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Monday, March 15

Product Review: BB Cream Luminous Pearl

Now, I know many of you have tried the HOT PINK BB cream as it is of course
the most popular out of the Skin 79 range. :) 

Ever wondered what the difference was between the rest?
Well I've got good news! 


Here's a personal review for the BB Luminous Pearl Cream. :D 
Packaged in a glam metallic silver exterior as seen on your left. This is the 5ml tube
Recommended for first time users who would like to have a lil' taste of this immensely popular Korean cream. 

BB Cream's work as a foundation/concealer only 10x better! 
Provides coverage and packed with vitamins and minerals to soften, smooth and refine skin whilst giving protection and oil control. :) 
And as mentioned, it's the most popular skin care brand in Korea! For my review on the hot pink range do click here


Firstly, texture is easy to squeeze and slightly more watery compared to the HOT PINK range. 
As seen above, the colour isn't as dark and is a subtle light beige hue
Smoothing it on is also slightly easier compared to the HOT PINK variation as due to the fact that it's slightly more runny, easier to absorb and smooth over the skin. 
I'm guessing the cream is labelled "Luminous" as it has tiny speckles of shimmery glitter mixed into it :D
Couldn't capture how it looks like on camera--
but does give a light shimmery effect especially under sunlight and also serves to brighten up the face a lil' bit. :) 
Quite subtle though, so even if you're not a fan of sparkles--doesn't really affect the end result. 

Unlike the HOT PINK version, this version blends easily and very well into the skin without giving your face a fairer complexion (some of the concerns for the HOT PINK one).
So if you have tanned skin, not to worry! The LUMINOUS PEARL range should work pretty well for you. ;D
Uber light feeling after application; you won't feel like you're wearing any base at all. :) 
And similar with the hot pink version, lovely light scented smell that i reaaalllyyyy love. hehe

No complains at all about concealing/foundation properties--pretty much the same as the HOT PINK version. Covers up very well. 
One of the major factor I love the HOT PINK version is because of it's oil control property
I can go up to more than half a day walking around campus/shopping malls with odd moments in the sun waiting for public transport--
And even then, my face only shows subtle signs of being oily. 

As for this LUMINOUS PEARL version, oil control property isn't as good as the hot pink version BUT
well if you don't have naturally oily skin as mine, this property shouldn't be at the top of your list anyway. :) 
Oil control for the LUMINOUS PEARL range lasts for maximum half a day which is considered pretty good still anyway. :D 

Would recommend the LUMINOUS PEARL version for lighter/occasional use as opposed to daily use. For example, if you're only going out at night/or for dates/ a party. That kind of thing. :) 
For daily use from 9-5pm, would recommend the HOT PINK version as the effect is stronger--gives a more taut feeling. 

Personally, i would use the HOT PINK range if i know i'm gonna be at work for a looong time;
and would use the LUMINOUS PEARL range for going out at night. :) 

RM 20 for 5ml/ 
Buy 2 free 1!