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Thursday, March 12

FAQ: in other words, Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where AM i?!
: Diary Addictions is a fashion review site/portal specializing in daily updates on local online boutiques in Malaysia in addition to 400 over links.

2) Navigation?
: Right. You see lots of pics; words; links--wouldn't be surprised if you're a lil' lost. xD So, let's get down to basics! At the top of every post is a blogshop link which will direct you to the online boutique which is selling the reviewed item. Simple :) All you have to do is "open the link as new tab" to browse through the featured blogshop.

3) I'm a buyer. How do I purchase something? 
: As stated above, click on the link above every post and further your enquiries at the particular blogshop.

4) I'm a blogshop owner. How do I get myself reviewed/link? 
: For Linking -- these are the blogger rolls that I have :

I. Online Boutiques 1 & 2 : APPAREL and BAGS ONLY blogshops which supply clothes NOT from the usual pre-order from Taiwan apparel.
II. Shoe Specialist: As the name says, if majority of your products are these, you'll be linked under this category.
III. Vintage: Vintage apparel or bags.
IV. Ready Stock Taiwan Apparel & Miscellaneous Pre Order: Firstly, ready stock Taiwan apparel--whether using stock photos or actual photos. Secondly, miscellaneous pre order or sprees (for apparel) such as Supre/Forever 21/ USA brands, etc.
V. Designer: Luxury designer handbags such as Guess/Coach/Louis Vuitton/ Burrbery, etc. NO imitation.
OTHERS: Self explanatory perfume and men link list.

If your blogshop doesn't fall into any of the categories above, many apologies as requests to be linked will not be entertained.

**DIARY ADDICTIONS reserves the right to refuse linkage if items are deemed unsuitable even IF it falls in the above categories. Blogshop owners will be notified.**

:For Review: Not as strict as linking. Daily review can range from any of the above to pieces of accessories/beauty products/gadgets , etc-- Anything I find interesting/worthy of note. :)) Daily review are also done FOC.

**NO REVIEW OR LINKING FOR PRE OWNED ITEMS. Do visit: shoppinggazebo.blogspot.com  or thriftbook.blogspot.com **

4) How do I get my banner displayed in Diary Addictions?
: Banners you see enveloping the page are a form of paid advertisement. Do see more details over here.

5) Other things to take note of: 

* If you don't receive a reply on me within 3 days, do send your email again. However, if your enquiry has already been CLEARLY STATED in this post, I may or may not reply you--depending on whether I have too many emails to look through or not.

* Updates are done daily.

* For any review done, the product is available at time of post.

* Last but not least, thank you very much for stopping by! Do mail me for any further enquiries not stated here.

* Oh, one more thing EMAIL me. DON'T leave a message on my chatbox for linking/review purposes. :) Your message will automatically be deleted.

Thank you!