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Monday, March 1

BB Cream! (product review)

A product that needs no introduction!
Google it up and you'll find thousands of entries and hundreds of reviews for it. ;) 
No. 1 selling cream in Korea. :D

A miraculous all-in-one-beauty-product
Doubles as both a foundation and concealer for coverage;
Ability to tighten pores, oil-control and provide moisture for healthy glowing skin! 

Given the opportunity to try the HOT PINK type cream, 
here's a personal review. :) 

First off: some standard pics of the 5ml bottle

- The bottle itself is uber cute in glossy hot pink--very convenient to bring around whether in a
tiny purse or clutch. :)
- Tight screw on cap ensures that the cream won't leak.  


- Fairly easy to squeeze cream out; easy to control as well. 
- The cream is a dark coffee shade; semi thick. Not fluid. 
- Surprisingly though for its texture, no difficulty blending the cream into skin--glides nicely over

- Uber nice light matte finish. :) 
- I didn't feel as if i was wearing any foundation at all!
- The cream blends gorgeously into the skin and leaves a smooth texture.
- Not sticky; no oily residue. :D 

- Absolutely love it! The light finish is absolutely great as your skin doesn't feel heavy at all. Added to that, functioning as oil control, my skin did feel considerably less oily than usual after 5 hours. Another plus point is that you'll simply adore its sweet lighthearted floral scent. ;) Definitely a recommended product. Do read more over here for more benefits! 

So do drop by and treat yourself to Korea's miraculous BB Creams. :D
Priced at a mere RM 79 for 40ml and RM 20 for 5 ml. 
That's a whopping 50% off what it's actually retailing for outside!
It's a steal.

*ps.on rumours that it doesn't suit tanned skin: NOT TRUE.
The cream will gradually blend into the shade of your skin tone. :) 
Now we know why there's only one shade of this cream. :D* 
verified by BB cream promoters and the owner selling this cream too.