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Saturday, February 5

That One Perfect Accessory

An article brought to you by : Foxydy

Most of the time, our outfits fall into the "casual" category. Lets face it, Casual is Comfy. ;) When I'm out of work and not hitting a club in town, Casual Fashion is mostly my style. I love the laid back floral skirts, Sunday dresses, maxis, jeans and pretty tops. Nothing too tight and constricting.

However, i find that when i dress casual, it takes extra effort (for me at least), to look fashion forward at the same time. A look which says, i didn't try too hard today, but this is still a look you wanna copy. ;)

The one rule i find that helps me achieve this look is my "ONE PERFECT ACCESSORY" rule.

The concept is simple. By wearing one fashion forward item, the outfit suddenly jumps into the "fashionable" category without the whole works. Here's how: 

a) The Fashion Forward Handbag

b) The Great Necklace

c) Shoes

So if you're out for the day and tired, just pick one perfect accessory. And you'll be good to go!

of my perfect accessories; I Love: 
My pair of killer laced oxford booties with a tank and jeans combo -- it's girl-next-door with kick.
S&M (as termed) dominatrix metallic black leather cuffs with denim shorts. 
Unfortunately I don't have that perfect bag.. YET. 

An article brought to you by : Foxydy.
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