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Sunday, January 9

All About Dresses

Because this weekend updates seem to be all about dresses: 
Here they are. 

An Old Flame

Of summer flings in the Caribbean's...

And back to classy fine dining...

RM 49 - RM 65

Room 8008

The diva's guide to being glamorous...

RM 45 - RM 89

Take me back to good ol' times. 

RM 48

Daytime drizzle and caramel coffee..

RM 50 - RM 55 

Swirling martini's and flirtatious glances will get you in that cocktail party...

RM 55 - RM 65

RM 49 - RM 60

*psst: they've got pretty awesome semi highwaist A-line skirts in-store as well!*

You don't keep me on a leash... 

Hush hush baby, a cup of English tea will do you good... 

RM 42 - RM 50 

*Karen Miller items*

A sophisticated lady needs a man. Not a boy. 

RM 250