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Thursday, November 18

A Shopping Revolution: Jipaban

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Get ready for the next shopping revolution!

Introducing a whole new online shopping concept that’s:
More convenient.
100% personalized by you.
A whole lot funner. ;D

Where it begins? With:
JIPABAN a customizable online shopping MALL with oodles of social networking elements!

 How it works?:
Simply said, think of JIPABAN as a fully customizable mall—
with shops only YOU want to visit. 
From JIPABAN’s extensive directory of virtual boutiques, all you have to do is add your favourites bloghops into YOUR ‘mall’. 

Each time you log in, start shopping in your customized mall!
*psst:  you can add multiple ‘floors’ as below*

What social networking elements?
If you think about it, half the fun of shopping is when you’re with your girlfriends no?
After all, we need to know if that blouse is too revealing; if those heels are too aunty; if that dress would look good on you;
and the list goes on..

In JIPABAN, we’ve got:
A wish-list, Egg-on list, direct messaging, Facebook and Twitter intergration!
All in one clean and simple dashboard.

'All Updates' detailing your shopping trail; 'Egg-on-list'--unsure of whether to buy that boots? Get your friends involved by voting YES or NO.
'Wishlist'--showcase of items you fell in love with. 

It’s a social-shopping revolution.

Personally, as a shopper, I LOVE the concept. Totally ingenious. Here’s why:

1)   You save time by browsing through only your chosen shops.
- No more opening multiple tabs only to realize that one of more blogshops just aren’t to your fancy.

2)   Uber convenient floors navigation.
- You can categorize your floors into clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. Makes for so much easier browsing especially if you’re looking for something specific!

3)   Easy payment system.
- Woot. Direct links to bank gateways and Paypal is also available. (: I think it’s about time to get a Paypal account, no? ;D

4)   Spread the news.
- Viral your shopping choices! Friends will be able to stop us from making that impulse purchase. ;) also we get to see what skimpy dresses they’ve bought evil laughter.

Awesome, ain’t it? :D

Now if you’re wondering about which retailers are coming in.. Here’s a sneak peek on two local blogshops we’re all too familiar with:

From statement tees and graphic prints--unleash that rocker side of you coupled with exceeding chicness. They've got it all covered. ;) 
The name suggests it all! The quirkiest items you'l find that'll make the whole world go ooh-aah. ;D

On top of that, Singapore’s biggest online shop will be coming to Malaysia!
Say hello to Love, Bonito. ;D

They ain't the largest online store in Singapore for nothing. Drop by today to see what the fuss is all about. ;) 

*psst: if you’re interesting to becoming a retailer, I heard they’re offering 75% off for 6-month rent! Click here to find out more *

Experience the excitement by seeing a video guide here
Follow Jipaban on their Twitter handle at @jipaban
Facebook at www.facebook.com/jipaban

Sign-up now and be part of the new wave of online shopping!
Don’t forget to add me as friend. ;)