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Wednesday, August 18

Wonderland Wednesdays:

It's that time again!
Proudly bringing to you:
Wonderland Wednesdays. ;D

A style segment courtesy from the 'mad minds' of Alice Wonders
Enjoy reading. :)) 

Topic of the week: Stylish Executives.
It’s a whole week of corporate fashion so spice up your wardrobe with these styling tips!

1) Man-Up Monday.

: Gear up in his clothes; be it the popular boyfriend’s jacket or the infamous men’s shirt. Simply complement the look with feminine statement accessories, killer heels and highlight the look with a gorgeous bag. Turn up the volume with a bold, brilliant and a look of total domination. It feels good to be a woman. ;)

2) Tres'-Chic Tuesday

: From intimidating Monday, get dressed with total chicness on Tuesday. Glam it up with sophisticated pieces and you’ll be getting nods not only from your boss but from your colleagues as well. Lesson learned: Less is more.

3) Wow Wednesday

: Whip the heads of your staffs and others around you. Go loud with heavy prints and bright colors and DO NOT be afraid of them. Accessorize just as wild and pair your look with statement bags and you’re bound to get people looking and talking. It’s only the third day of the week so there’s no reason to tone down the style just yet.

4) Tone-Down Thursday

: It’s that day of the week where you can finally relax after loads of piling work and assignments. So justify your style with something comfortable and keep accessories tastefully simple. Feel good; Look good. Thankfully, AliceWonders.com can provide the same understated bags to complement your looks with.

5) Foxy Friday

: Celebrate the coming weekend! Spice up your look with a day-to-night attire, complemented with the most glam accessories and stylish-savvy bags that’s good for both day and night. It’s all about wearing something that’s fit for daywear and perfect for a party night out. ;)

With these tips in check, don’t forget to visit AliceWonders.com to get your hands on the featured bags.
Other items courtesy of polyvore.com