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Saturday, July 31

Product Review: My Lip Stuff

If you haven't heard of My Lip Stuff yet, where have you been?! 
Rave reviews from: Shopping Roll ,YSK, Peep Boutique and customers alike 
(see here for reviews)
So what have we been missing out on? ;D 

General Info:
My Lip Stuff is from USA and is made from skin-earth-animal friendly products so your conscience is clear. :) In fact, they're super environmentally friendly that recycled products are used whenever possible AND green power is used as well in the production of these natural lip balms. =D

My Lip Stuff is not a worldwide company perse--it's hand-made, distributed and managed by a mum (read her story here)     

Oh yes, there's over 500 flavours to choose from. ;) So, go crazy! 

Enough Chit-Chat..and on to the review!
My chosen flavour: 

Strawberries & Champagne (sue me, am a big romantic :p)
Comes in a standard tube lip balm in white with bold black and red lettering. 
Twist turn cap opening that won't fall off. ;) Pretty tight there. 
Totally loving the taste! Tangy strawberry packed flavours that isn't overpowering (thanks to the champagne bit I'm guessing). Smell is totally yummy as well! Just a hint of it though--a mild whiff of strawberries ala walking through the strawberry farms of Cameron Highlands
Now isn't that just lovely? :D 

Glides on easily, very smooth and lasts for quite a couple of hours (unless you start licking your lips too often)
Very slightly on the greasy side compared to being matte, so if you're particular about this do be warned. =)

Also, one of my major peeves about natural lip balms is that they don't look much. ie. No one can tell that you're wearing anything extra.Unlike My Lip Stuff though, this baby gives off a very subtle sheen over your lips. ;) Not as drastic as a lipgloss mind you, but good enough for that au naturel pouty smirk

Pics below:
After -- see the very slight glossy layer? :D 

And there you have it!
Say goodbye to chapped lips and keep your lips moisturized for hours to come with My Lip Stuff. ;D
Conscience-free, environmentally-friendly, and
UBER AWESOME flavours. Get yours today. ;)

Priced at RM 12
Full list of flavours and where to buy over here.