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Friday, September 3

Product Review: Tsuya Tsuya BB Cream


Phat Culture

*Remember this?: 
- Product review for the Tsuya Tsuya BB cream : 
4 months later and I'm still using it! it's very awesome. :) 

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You've no doubt heard of the Skin 79 BB Cream (in its iconic hot pink packaging);
Tsuya Tsuya may be lesser known but sometimes the underdog is superior, no? ;D 
Read on to find out. 

As per usual,
This BB cream hails from Korea and serves as an all-in-one cream for daily wear,
moisturizing and au naturel' coverage purposes. :) 
Now UNLIKE the usual, the Tsuya Tsuya range comes in two shades:
Light and Fair ; Medium and Tan.
Say goodbye any worries that it won't blend into your skin!
Perfect for our diverse Malaysian skin tones. :) 

On to the fun part: 

1) Aesthetics 

Tsuya Tsuya's packaging takes a more sleek and dainty approach. Packaged in a slim 50ml, hard plastic body and gleaming ruby red screw-cap. Light and petite enough to be carried in your handbags. :) Screw cap ensures there won't be any leakage. 

2) Application
                             (before, after)                               

- Fairly easy to squeeze the cream out.
- Texture more liquid and runny, not very thick. :)
Makes it alot easier to blend into the skin without much difficulty at all. 

3) Performance:
- Blending is perfect. Seriously. 
- Gives you a meticulous matte finish that's very very natural. 
- No side effects in terms of break-outs. 
- Sweetly scented. :) 
- Skin looks more illuminated and people can't actually tell that you're wearing foundation unless they look at you closely. ;) 

4) Recommendation:

- Oil control wise: It can last me up to 8 hours! [yeap, one full day at the office] 
- I would definitely recommend this as your all-in-one daily cream. :) 
- Have been using this for over a week now, and it has definitely help in reducing oil residue. Skin feels fresh longer and not as oily as before. 
*one bottle lasted me 4 and a half months :D* 

Retailing for RM 71 after discount with free shipping.
Inclusive of brush applicator. :)

Fresh dewy skin? 
Get it here.