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Saturday, April 24

You are exclusively invited...

Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may have not
and some of you may be lucky members already. 
But if you haven't--
I'm here to bring you really good news

First things first. 
We women, covet designer products (bags, especially!)
And many of us would gladly splurge on that luxury item every once in awhile (myself, included) just to treat yourself after several hard months of working. 
Nothing wrong with that.
Luxury items are simply just what they are: a luxury. 
and well, expensive.
*but as many of us would defend, they're worth the price!* 

Here's where Reebonz (pronounced ribbons) comes in. 
Offering a unique service similar to 'em sample sales in NY. ;)
In a nutshell: 

What They Do: 
- Reebonz is a private online shopping destination of premium brands and private sales.
- Online sale 'events' are held every day whereby products from a particular brand are showcased in Reebonz for a short period of time for members to purchase at awesome jaw dropping discounts *up to 70%*!
- At the end of the 'event', usually 3 days, the event will close and members will not be able to purchase the item anymore. 

 Brands Include:

And many many more! 

Something I'm sure many of you will look forward to:

'says it all doesn't it? COACH at 50% off. Event starts May 3rd

How do YOU be a member? 
- Only through invitation by existing members. 
- So, I'm inviting you. ;) 
- Simply click on this link to be directed straight to the sign up page
- Enter your invite code 'diaryaddictions'; at the bottom right hand corner 
of the Reebonz homepage. 

Is That All?
- That's all you need. 
-Simply put, sign up today to enjoy premium brands at great discounts!
Be part of an exclusive community of fashion conscious members
and brand loving individuals. 

Check out their facebook page here for on-going promotions.
Twitter page here

*ps. when you entire the site through Malaysia, you'll notice the default language is in BM but fret not, this can be changed as you enter. :)
*pps. payment method Paypal and credit card*