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Friday, April 9

Product Review: Temporary Tattoo Sketch

Something out-of-the-ordinary...
*excuse the corny intro line*

But seriously, a service that may be quite useful to you. ;) 
As seen above--
Temporary tattoo sketch. :D 

So first things first, more pics for you to have a clearer view. 

(This picture was taken under direct sunlight. Thus, vivid-ness of colour slightly faded; truest colour see model's pic as below)

What It Is:
Basically as mentioned, it's a temporary tattoo sketch. 
What It Can Be Used For:
1) Always wanted to get a tattoo but not too sure if it looks like? This is a good way to give it a test run. ;) 
2) A special event and you feel like spicing up your look? This will certainly do the trick.

- Sketch is inked with a black outline first, colour is filled in later. 
- An ordinary black marker is used as the outline but the coloured pens are specialized. 
- Medium sized koi fish as above took about 45 minutes.

End Result:
Beautiful sketching. Gorgeous attention to detail. 

Things You Need To Know: 
- These temporary tattoos are best enjoyed on the day itself if you're planning to show it off. :) 
- Try not to bathe / rub the surface.
- Also try not to change in and out of clothes too many times as it may rub off on the tattoo. Like it did to mine: *see left*
- Tattoo lasts for a day with maximum care, colour will fade after that.

Personally, quite liked having the temporary tattoo for the day--half of my friends thought it was real. ;) However, as mentioned above, it lasts for only a day. So whether you're doing this for any of the reasons mentioned above, make the best use out of it!

Variations Available:

Prices vary depending on design.
Customization also available. :)
Do see more info over here