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Friday, April 2

Product Review: Cleavage Control Clip

Another one of the popular fun-do-it-yourself product!
Featuring the Cleavage Control Clip you've been seeing pretty often in blogshops. ;) 
You'll find out soon enough. 

First things first-- this is what you'll be getting

One pack with printed instruction manual on the inside page;
and three H-clips (improved version from the original U-shaped ones)

Comes in three colours as shown:
Beige, white and black. 

- Clip is made out of pretty sturdy plastic. And the fact that it comes in three colours gives you the versatility to use it for different occasions to mix match with different coloured outfits. :) When worn at the back, pretty invisible unless your top is EXTREMELY tight- [see photo on right]

On Cleavage Boost: (see before and after pics below)
Excuse camera shy me. :) 
Lol. Well basically as you can see--there's definitely a cleavage boost with a deeper valley. ;) And if you think this isn't obvious enough. Take a looksee below for the seller's personal pic: 

Thus, effect varies depending on how you play around with it. ;) 
Especially obvious if you wear a V-neck low cut top too (as above; compared to mine which is a straight cut tube). 

i) Performance wise definitely delivers--whether you want it subtle or obvious, it's versatile enough to be played around with (placed higher on the nape of the neck for better effect). 

ii) Very handy for racerback tops--just pull those straps in to avoid nasty looking bra straps from peeking at the sides. ;) 

iii) Comfort wise, it may get a lil' uncomfortable if you wear it for too long time. It does after all 'tighten' the bra to give it a push up effect. Wouldn't recommend long hours with this. Best for specific occasions/parties/outings to boost 'em assets for the time being!

RM 12 per pack inclusive of Pos Express.
Totally worth it, I say. ;D