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Tuesday, April 27

All-New Segment: Wonderland Wednesdays!

Take a cup of tea or two from this Monday to Friday style guide!
We're injecting some stylish punch into your everyday attire. ;) 
*all bags featured from Alice Wonders*

it’s time to dress as formally possible to adhere the ruling system. Just think Red Queen’s entourage in their matching colours of red (of course!), yeah that pretty much sums it.  Well, you can still look corporate-ish but with a touch of class, put on a structured jacket or perhaps if you’re bold enough a corset vest! Get that clean look with a swept up ponytail or a tight bun do.

- To add a zest of colours go for colourful rocks on those slender fingers! That’ll sure to pop. Bags, yes that’s an all time essential for us ladies so go for something that’s functional yet classy but it doesn’t have to necessary be a boxy briefcase or an oversize hobo. You can always opt for those with faux leather materials even if you’d still love for a splash of colours. *wink*

Girly Tuesday makes it a whole lot easier for us, there’s no need for an exact dress code! *phew* So put on your flirty girly look I say, because what’s better than a girly Tuesday, right? Put on a dress; tie a scarf around the neck, whatever it is, make it your own as it’s the day to let down your hair and don’t forget hairpieces make a great statement piece! *grin*

- For those who love light flouncy material, opt for a tiered chiffon dress or top. That’ll sure to add volume in all the right places. Colours plays a role too so don’t be stingy with that, but sure enough, prints are the easier way to go. Floral prints are very much in, just don those pastel hues and it’ll sure to make you appear more feminine.

- Chic Wednesday is here to suit both work and play. It’s the best combination that’ll leave you looking the part without going OTT on the whole. Get neutral pieces and mix and matched or better yet opt for pieces that says work on the top and play down below or vice versa. It’s all about getting the right match by mixing it up a bit. Sheer blouse with crisp pants, or structured top with bandage skirts. 

Of course other essentials would come to the right accessories, and always go for something that screams or rather just bling. Go for cutesy charm bracelets or chandelier earrings. Chunky rings works just fine anyway. But most importantly is the bag! Go for something sophisticated yet pretty and screams Serious Fun! Colours are an in thing these days but go for something with a rather glossy finish.

 - Tick the clocks keeps going and Funky Thursday is here to bring some cheering fun time because it’s nearing the end of the tiresome cycle once more. Spread some cheer and fun around by putting on some funky vibe to your style in dressing even if you’ve got that important client meet or presentation to give.This is the very day to really play with the colour palette. Add some funky items, to your dressing and that’ll sure to take one from drab to fab, not that you ever were of course. It’s just that week after week most of us would run out of clothes to wear so I say, recycle what you’ve already got and just play it up a bit. 

Finally, Casual Friday arrives with a laidback feel to it for the weekend arrives with promises of some sleep in, fine dining, great conversation and intriguing companions. As Mad Hatter would say, casual is always the best way though perhaps his interpretation would mean a top hat and some double breasted jacket. But of course a pair of jeans won’t do much justice so go for something less but more we say! Put on an oversized printed tee, not the usual statement ones but those with animal prints, a face of the wolf for all you New Moon fans, or tigers and even lions as well. Add a little bowler hat, fedora or even mail boy cap and voila your bad hair day woes (if you’re having one) are hidden from the rest of the world’s view!

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Read full article over here at Alice Wonder's blogazine. 
Stay tuned next week for more of Wonderland Wednesdays!
This initiative is brought to you by Alice Wonders and Diary Addictions. 

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