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Thursday, March 4

Product Review: H20 Jelly Mask

Besides the usual cleansing and toning, 
it's good to give our skin a treat every once a week.
or fortnightly by rehydrating it with well, hydrating masks. :D 

Given the opportunity to try this H20 jelly mask,
here's a personal review. :)) 

Made from 100% natural pearl essence--
Now doesn't that sound good? ;) 
Also imported from Switzerland!
*which many of you know, is renown for the country's breakthrough
in facial technology. :)*

 First off, texture is superbly light and non-sticky--just like jelly but not as hard. xD
Applying it wasn't any problem at all as it's very very smooth.
Glides on the skin easily yet won't drip down the face. ;) 

Leave it on for more or less 15 minutes. 
*psst: very cooling sensation when you put it on. :)*

then..after washing off--

Skin feels oh-so-refreshed! :D
Akin to sticking your head in a freezer for 5 minutes. lol
No more oil; skin feels very clean. :)) 
Kinda like using the Eumora facial mask but without the tightness. 

Here's some before and after pics: 

Before: *after a tiring day in the sun*: 
Skin is very oily as you can see; with red blotches since my skin is sensitive to heat. 

After: *all smiles!*
As you can see, all the oil is stripped away; redness is greatly reduced. :) 

Would definitely recommend this mask to anyone. :D 
Pampering and uber suitable for out hot weather too. 
Priced at RM 18 for 30g (selling at saloons for RM 40++)
Do click here for more information!