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Saturday, March 13

Product Review: Exfoliation Gel


You're stuck at college all day;
You're in endless meetings;
You're exposed to dust and soot and sweat
from driving and taking public transport--

These daily bites take a toll on our skin in the longgg run. 
Added to that,
we pile on eyeliner and eyeshadow;
Blusher; lippie--
Then removing them with even more chemicals

If you actually think about, we're piling stress on our skin! 
And if you don't give it back moisture, one day your skin WILL bite back. :P
So, before that happens-- here's a lil' beauty tip: 

Exfoliating once or twice a week does wonders for your skin.
And thus I introduce to you:
D-Mask's Exfoliation Gel exclusively from Japan. ;D 

As with most of her products, comes in a pretty pink container weighing 30g. This exfoliation gel is particularly recommended as it is made of 90% water with NO fragance; NO colouring and NO preservatives. Talk about au-naturel. ;) Because of this, you don't have to worry about over-exfoliation or adverse effects for sensitive skin. :)) 
Enough talking. Let's get to results. ;D 

Slightly jelly like; not very firm. Glides uber easy over the skin. :) Cooling effect. Redness immediately subsides.

1) Cleanse your face.
2) Apply a careful amount whilst massaging.
3) Rinse. 

Detailed steps see here.

 I applied it on one side of my cheek for trying purposes and an hour later whilst writing this review I can still feel its after effects--one side normal; the other super fresh. xD That's how good it is.  Unlike most exfoliation products, skin doesn't feel dry or taut at all after rinsing off the dead impurities.  If anything, this scrub feels more like a really really good moisturizing mask! 

Before/After pics not applicable as you really "see" the difference perse;
but trust me, you'll definitely FEEL it. ;) 

The effective first step to your pamper-me-cleansing-ritual. Will absorb your serum/tonic/moisturizer waaaay more effectively after some very gentle scrubbing. :) 

RM 20/ 30g
Buy here!

**may be a lil' pricey; but definitely worth a try! 30g would last you for about 5 tries or so*