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Thursday, December 24

All I Need for Christmas is l.o.v.e. and $200 free cash.

**scroll down for reviews**

Love is a many splendored thing; 

Love lifts us up where we belong; 

All we need is love. 

I'm sure you recognized those lyrics from the very enigmatic Moulin Rouge.:)
But seriously, love.
It's the most complicated; complex; emotion [if you choose to call it that] 
in the world.

Love breaks;
Love heals;
Love dissapoints;
Love hopes.

One moment you think you're head over heels in love with someone;
only to confuse it with infatuation?
or past memories of love.

Needless to say, love makes the world go round.
It's a love/hate relationship with love.
Be it being deliriously happy on cloud 9;
or down in the dumps;

We all need some form of love. :)
For me, this Christmas would mean depending more on the love from friends;
compared to the oh-so-complex-romantically-intertwined-love.

So, here's a tribute to all good friends out there. :)

But here I go whimsically reminiscing about love when really, I've got waaaay
better news to share!
Now, if you're down in the dumps because of love--
Here's something to cheer you up (even if it's just for a teensy while).


How does $200 FREE CASH sound? ;D
Pretty sure it sounds good to you as much as it does to me!

So how does one get that not-so-elusive $200 FREE CASH?
Simpler than reciting the alphabets. ;D

In conjunction with LuShae Jewelry's sweepstakes on-going contest,
All YOU gotta do is display one of their many banner/link codes in YOUR blog!
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Do that, and you're in the running for the monthly $200 FREE CASH. ;D

Didn't I say it was easy? ;)
Click here to be a part of this exciting Lady Luck contest!
She may just be smiling on you.
A small effort may prove to be very rewarding. ;D 

Every entrant is also eligible for a 15% discounted rate on their products as featured below:

: Customized and individually handcrafted one-of-a-kind rings.
: Gorgeous engagement rings also in-store!

: A jewelry specialist ain't complete without an oh-so-fine collection of pendants. ;)
: From stylishly minimalist; to sparkly diamonds! You'll be spoilt for choice.

: Last but not least--a wide collection of earrings. :)
: Trust me, your piercings are begging for 'em!

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*leave comments if you have any--it's a pop-up window*