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Tuesday, November 3

Hiatus! [Tuesday - Thursday ]

To all my readers:

First off, many apologies for the lack of updates during the weekend and today--
Been really really busy lately.
*too much college stress x(*

And am guessing that this family holiday to an exotic *hopefully* island
is of great timing. :) [Manado, Indonesia]
A time for rejuvenating, refreshing, and hopefully not too much tan. ;D

I'll be back!
With most likely a renewed fervor in updating this brainchild of mine,
Diary Addictions.

Before I leave, here's a brief rundown of the shops which have recently updated . :)

Eff Bombs
*think packets and packets of DIY studs in hundreds!*

*usual update yesterday; they update every Sunday btw :) Stalk 'em!*

Old Blossom Box
*their usual update is every Monday; this week's was postponed to
tomorrow though. So do remember to give them a visit. :)*

Room 8008
*weekly previews: Sunday; full preview Monday. For their latest collection, think:
full bodied chiffon halter neck; inspired corsets; military jackets; etc*

Miss OCD
*weekly update: Either Tuesday/Wednesday. For this weeks collection,
Tuesday @ 7 pm. ;D
Sneak preview looking oh-so-very delicious*

An Old Flame
*massive update you simply can't miss.*

Sweet Toothsome
*demure English floral kitten heels!*

Cat in a Bowl
*kitschy pastel hued luggage totes; whimsical blouses; lace and rips*

Trendy Hunt
*as per usual, boyfriend tees. :)*

*high-waisted zippered shorts. Yummy basic!*

*fringe; lace; disco. 'nuff said.*

Secret Shoes Project
*Mary Jane pumps; sleek studded exterior*

do check the blogroll for the others :)

Last but not least, I will definitely be missing you. :)
If you happen to be in indon; text me and take me on a tour.
Lol, kidding. =)
Seriously though, if you've got any gripes/complaints/compliments/comments, feel free to drop me a text at : 017-2575027.

PS. Some things which I've planned in store and hopefully will have time to implement quickly:

1) Bi-weekly contests!

2) Monthly random articles on relevant topics
[eg. tips on what makes a good blogshop/how to wear/ etc]

3) In-depth terviews with blogshops we're oh-so-curious to know more about. ;)
[eg. to Pumpkin: How on earth does your collection run out in barely a few hours?!*

That's about it for now--thinking of more interactivity stuffsz. =)

Last but not least, would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my readers/followers/and blogshop owners.

Without you, Diary Addictions wouldn't be here.
*round of applause to you!*

And a good night. :)

*oh yes, linking button + brand new motto on the way as well!*