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Thursday, February 4


Best Seller Remake!

The best-selling down-to-earth Pocahantas dress is back! Woot woot. ;D
Detailed embroidery; oriental mandarin collar; flirty frilled shoulder sleeves--
What could go wrong? :)
Should be acceptable for CNY even though it's black. :P
RM 50 ;

Other best selling remakes include: 

Special promo:
RM 5 off with the correct answer to this question!
: What is doublewoot's daily word addiction? 
[hint: it's an expression of excitement/ a cheer. ;)]

Bunch of Wildflowers

We're living Cinderella's dream. xD 
Featuring a dress made for a fairytale princess. 
Frilly puffed sleeves; tantalizing dipped sweetheart neckline; fitted waist; slightly flared skirt.
It's our cup of tea if we still believe in a prince charming and his mighty horse. :) 
In smooth lush satin.
RM 55

Fast forwarding to reality--
Featuring the modclassic Twiggy dress!
Structured fit and cut in canary yellow or luxurious black. 
A timeless beauty. 
Available in sizes S and M. 
RM 55

A lil' quickie before I run off!
The ultimate tube bodycon dress.
Guaranteed a purrr-fect fit for petites. ;D 
Do read Clothesbucket's awesome description in-store
High quality cotton/lycra that's uber stretchy. :)
RM 40 *steal!*

Red Ocaso
*definitely recommended looksee in-store for more
 awesome prices. ;)
think smexy sequins and sassy toga's.*

Chanel inspired thick tweed cardi/jacket; 
Sophisticated touch of bold military buttons. ;D
Very boxy. 
RM 45
Long flared tank.
A fashionista in New York. ;D
Uneven cut hemline.
RM 39
The highly sought after laced cheongsam!
This time only in black though. 
Looks more suitable for funerals >.<" 
RM 48

More crazy long tanks over 'ere!
Morbidly disturbing but no doubt unique.
Paperdoll mosaic; or sci-fi fashion. 
RM 42