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Monday, January 4

Style Report: 
Spring/Summer 2010 

The old has gone;
The new has come.
What's hot this year?
Read on to find out. ;) 

1) Mixed Prints 


(last 2 by Marc by Marc Jacobs)
We went all somber and grunge last year *no thanks to the whole economy crisis early '09*.
Nevertheless, 2010 it's all about crazy with prints. ;D
Not just any prints though.
Think tie-dye; nouveau tribal prints; boho kraftan prints; and loud graphics splattered on sci-fi silhouettes and gravity defying sculptures.
Saying these are merely eye catching and vibrant would certainly be an understatement. ;P
So mix and match your favourite prints and embrace the wild carefree side of 2010.

2) Utilitarian Chic/ Military Inspired 

(Dior/ Balmain)

Military fashion has been with us for quite some time now; and we sure are familiar with it--
But, here's news. It's evolving. ;D
Ancient Pharaohs and long-gone-kings with military elements now give way to a more modern and no doubt, futuristic, evolution.
Wilder; fiercer and bolder! Ancient civilizations and their warriors are brought back to life this season with a savage tribal twist. ;)
Think metal plating, leather tunics, chain-mail inspired details, and meticulous embellishments.

3) All Things Ruffled, Laced, and Sheer 

(cover shoots done in Jan 2010)
Lace lace lace.
This is an easy one; and i'm sure you know all about it already. :D
Throw in seductively sheer mesh and playful frills for one booming trend in 2010. ;)
Flirtatious and feminine, these modern coquettish confections are an absolute delight in subtly toning down 'em the fiercer elements of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
So, do keep wearing 'em mesh laced bustiers, cropped tanks, lacy skirts and the like. ;D  

4) Bodysuits, Boy Shorts & Hot Pants 

(on the cover of Vogue Germany Jan 2010)

(Prada/ Blumarine/ Balmain)
I don't know about you, but it looks like designers certainly caught a good whiff of Lady Gaga!
Suddenly we're seeing the emergence of super negative hemlines and bodysuits. ;P
And thus, the innerwear as outerwear debate begins.
Not something that'll be very popular here in Malaysia I'm predicting, so here's how to get around it:
By settling for boy shorts and short shorts instead. :)
Anything that spells out sassy. ;D
Whatever the case is, hemlines are definitely getting shorter this season.

**end of Part 1** 
*will be added from time to time if needed. :)*