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Thursday, December 17

Venturing into new territories!
Here's a service that's bound to capture the hearts of all shopaholics. ;)

Have you ever walked around for hours in a shopping mall--
only to end up with nothing? 
Are you tired of the choices you see in high street labels--
Topshop; Warehouse; Miss Selfridge? 
Do you yearn for something extra edgy;
extra unique;

Something nobody else has?

Then this is your answer. ;D
the European brand shopping spree by Maker/ Breaker!

Here are some of the brands which are available:

Stradivarius (Spain)

River Island (UK)

Bershka (Spain)

Accesorize (UK)

So do drop by in-store and get yourself that oh-so-deserving luxury item!
Totally in time for 2010 as well. ;D

Free ground shipping anywhere in Malaysia!

23rd December.