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Wednesday, December 16

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A Fashion Haven
*product review*
The Eumora Facial Bar--
Dubbed THE 'Miracle' Soap by many.
Tried and tested on yours truly, the self confessed shopaholic herself!

Before the verdict, here's a few fact and figures:

The Eumora Facial bar is basically a skin repairing medication.

How It Works:
- Skipping all the technical and scientific jargon, Eumora's active ingredients are basically: HmA (MicroAlgae factor) and Moor--both of which are organic!
- The former is an effective hydrating agent and helps in strengthening the defense system of the skin.
- The latter is highly recommended by hundreds of European physicists for its wide range of beneficial properties. Moor is clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and has the ability to harmonize with any skin type.
- Both work miraculously and is proven to combat all sorts of facial and skin-related problems as listed above!
- For more information, do read all about it here.


First and foremost--
I do actually suffer from mild facial acne for quite a few years now. So, when approached regarding this 'miraculous' soap, I was pretty excited. ;)

The Eumora Experience:

The soap bar completes the basic facial-3-step of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; and it performs simply marvelously. =)
Upon first use, one can immediately feel a tightening sensation of the pores as the ingredients work to get rid of all 'em bacteria underneath the skin surface and to tighten 'em pores after rinsing to prevent nasty impurities from settling in again.
Your skin definitely feels very VERY refreshed and clean after the first wash.
Be warned! Your face will also probably be glowing after that vigorous and deep cleansing treatment as well. ;D

Upon continuous use (twice a day),
- Pores have become visibly smaller
- Skin is less oily as the day passes
- Skin is may be slightly dry [side effect as the product dries the skin to kill off all the pimples]
* The 'drying' feeling is not actually a drying effect.. and the product does not dry up the skin in any way. The drying sensation is due to the combined effect of both pore/skin tightening and slight peeling.
The slight peeling is removal of dead skin cells while the tightening feeling is the firming effect. Many people mistake that for a drying effect
**Important note: Eumora does not cause the skin to become dry. It restores the skin to its optimum state (for both dry and oily skin). It neutralizes and balances the state of the skin.

- Less pimples and acne
- Skin is overall MUCH clearer

Overall, acne breakout is a lot less and the product really does help in perfecting the skin. :)
Would definitely give this a try if over the counter products just don't work for you.

- One bar of soap can last for as long as 2-3 months for facial use.
- Gentle enough to be used on babies too.
- During the first few days, breakouts might happen. This is normal as the product is clearing out all the impurities from under the skin. Just wait for the pimples to dry out. :)

Before: numerous pimple breakouts and skin easily gets red/oily.

After: as seen, pimples at the temples are gone; acne breakouts at the cheeks are also gradually clearing up;
skin flares up less easily; and is overall less oily.

How Do I Get This Product?
- Visit here (A Fashion Haven) for more details.
- Ready stock Eumora Facial bars!
- On another note, pre-order for clothes closes 2nd of January 2010.

So do get moving--
For indefinitely clearer skin! ;D

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